Official contest rules, Canada's Safest Driver

 Official Rules The Canada’s Safest Driver Contest (hereinafter “Contest”) is designed to (i) promote safe driving; (ii) improve road safety; (iii) provide insight into how telematics can improve driver safety; and (iv) increase awareness of and participation in Parachute Vision Zero initiatives. The Contest is a contest of skill that measures the driving habits of […]

Concussion policy

There have been efforts throughout Canada to mandate concussion education and management protocols, particularly in sport organizations and schools. Some jurisdictions are taking the approach of legislation, while others are moving to implementing policies governing concussion. Concussion legislation  Ontario Ontario became the first province in Canada to enact legislation around concussion when Rowan’s Law (Concussion […]

Smart Hockey

This program provides resources to recognize and manage concussion injuries designed for young hockey players, their coaches and parents.

Download your ERS resource kit

There are a number of resources available to help you carry out successful Elementary Road Safety interventions. Register below to receive your downloadable resource kit. The kit includes four PDF resources: Observational counts form Caregiver questionnaire Driver and pedestrian safety checklist Site audit form In addition, a variety of illustrations in PNG format are also […]

Sources for our NTDSW statistics

Below are a list of the statistics used in the National Teen Driver Safety Week 2020 materials and their sources. “Road crashes are the second-leading cause of death among young people in Canada. Young people are killed in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group under 80 years old.”Yao, X., Skinner, R., […]

Pre-season concussion education sheet

Have all stakeholders review and sign this education sheet, at the time of sport registration or before the beginning of each sports season, to confirm that all participants received key information about concussion.

NHL/NHLPA 2019 Concussion Education Video

This 13-minute video from the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association, is about concussion and features interviews with many current and former players.

Pre-season concussion education sheet

This sheet provides you with concise information to guide the content of your pre-season concussion education meeting.

Pre-season concussion education checklist

Follow the step-by-step checklist to ensure your team is knowledgeable on preventing, recognizing and managing concussion.