Sources for our NTDSW statistics

Below are a list of the statistics used in the National Teen Driver Safety Week 2021 materials and their sources. “Road crashes are the third-leading cause of death among young people in Canada. Young people are killed in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group under 76 years old.”Parachute. (2021). Potential Lost, […]

Poison Prevention Week 2021 - Backgrounder

Annual unintentional poisoning deaths have now surpassed transport-related deaths in Canada. With many potential poisons, such as household cleaners, medications and cannabis products, in Canadian homes and families spending more time there, it is important to know how to safely store these items. In 2021, Parachute is joining forces with our partners across the country to show all Canadians they have the power to #CheckForPoisons and prevent unintentional poisoning at home.

Toronto's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan 2017-2021

The Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is a comprehensive five year (2017-2021) action plan focused on reducing traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets. With over 50 safety measures across our six emphasis areas, the Plan prioritizes the safety of our most vulnerable road users, through a range of initiatives.

Poison Prevention Week 2021 – Social Media Guide

Poison Prevention Week aims to draw attention to the causes of poisoning and how to prevent them from occurring. This guide is to help communities and partners use social media to support and promote Poison Prevention Week 2021.

Safe Kids Week 2021 Backgrounder

Parachute Safe Kids Week 2021 focuses on the topic of outdoor play, encouraging children to #PlaySafeOutdoors and take part in active, unstructured and exciting play, daily. This backgrounder provides tips to encourage safe outdoor activity for kids.

Safe Kids Week 2021 - Social Media Guide

This guide is to help communities and partners use social media to support and promote Parachute Safe Kids Week 2021.

Concussion Awareness Week: 2021 Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Concussions in Sport to support jurisdictions across Canada to implement activities during Concussion Awareness Week.

Poison Prevention Week 2021 – Poison Storage Checklist

More families are staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19: Keep your children safe by keeping these household poisons locked up, out of sight and out of reach.

Poison Prevention Week 2021 - Parent Survey

Find out about parents’ understanding of the dangers of cannabis edibles for children, and learn how to safely store cannabis products away from kids.

Taking the high road: campaigning for safe driving (2021)

Parachute has developed and led awareness campaigns to engage young Canadian residents, challenge their perceptions and raise awareness of the dangers of driving while high and speeding – all within the framework of our larger, systems- change commitment to road safety through Vision Zero.